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Frequently asked questions (with answers!)

Help! I just started it up and don’t know what to do next. How do I call a BBS?
You’ll need a BBS or other server to connect to. If you run your own or have the address of one already, then you can create a dialing directory entry for it; if you don’t yet have a BBS, then see the next question.
After adding or importing one or more BBS entries, open the dialing directory (under the File menu on macOS, or via the “telephone” button on iOS), select a BBS from the list, and click the appropriate button to “call” (connect to) it.
It’s also possible to connect directly using a terminal command; see the manual page for details.
How / where do I get a list of BBSes to call?
A good source for BBS listings is The Telnet BBS Guide. You can browse individual BBS entries, or you can download an archive containing all of the entries in the database (around a thousand BBSes at last count). The download will be a ZIP file; unpack it and then import one of the data files via MuffinTerm’s Dialing Directory interface. MuffinTerm can import the syncterm.lst or the dialdirectory.xml file. (Both files contain the same entries, just in different file formats.)
※ BBSes are privately run systems operated by individuals. MuffinTerm does not operate or endorse any specific BBS.
What devices does MuffinTerm support?
You can use MuffinTerm on any Mac, iPad, or iPhone running a supported version of macOS, iOS, or iPadOS.
What versions of macOS or iOS are supported?
MuffinTerm runs on macOS 11 or later, or iOS / iPadOS 14 or later.
What about other systems, such as the Android platform?
At the moment, there are no plans to port MuffinTerm to other platforms.
How to I type arrow keys or the Escape key on my iPhone?
If you have an external (hardware) keyboard attached or paired with your device, then you can enter the keys normally on the physical keyboard. If your keyboard doesn’t have an Escape key (as is the case with most iPad folio keyboards, for example), then you can use the backtick key instead, in conjunction with the “Backtick sends ESC” preference.
If you don’t have a hardware keyboard (or if you just prefer to use on-screen keys), you can enable a set of extra keys via preferences that will appear at the top of the regular on-screen keyboard (or at the bottom of the screen if using a hardware keyboard). These extra keys allow you to type Escape, Tab, and arrow keys, as well as Control keys (in conjuction with regular keys—for example, press the on-screen CTR key and then type X to send Control-X).
Is MuffinTerm really “calling” a BBS, like over a telephone? Will this use minutes on my telephone plan or anything?
No, MuffinTerm connects to the BBS over the Internet, using your device’s network (data) connection; the term “calling” is just retained from the modem era. (There are still some BBSes that offer actual dial-in over a telephone line; but MuffinTerm doesn’t use such hardware.)
Wait, I did something and it definitely made telephone sounds.
Ahhhh, you didn’t believe me and tried typing in an old ATDT call string, didn’t you. Well, despite the sounds that you heard, it’s still not really dialing out on a telephone. But you can perhaps relive a bit of old times that way. :)
Does MuffinTerm support any other protocols (such as SSH) or additional character sets/terminal types?
Not yet—but perhaps in a future update…!
Why the name “MuffinTerm”?
Once upon a time, there was an Apple DOS disk utility program named, rather cryptically, MUFFIN. I always liked that name, and was perhaps inspired by it when coming up with a name for a new terminal program. (Also, I just kind of randomly like the word “muffin.” It’s a nice-sounding word.) But really, it was a bit of a placeholder name at first.
I had several other, different names that I’d been considering, but whenever I went to see if any were in use already, it seemed that every single one of them had been used for something, somewhere, between roughly 1978 and the present. But “MuffinTerm,” perhaps unsurprisingly, had not been taken, so I kept using it as the placeholder. Eventually, I decided that I liked it as it was, and kept it!

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